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Our mission is to connect designers with people who love to share art through posters and canvases that fit into any home or office.
We offer high quality art prints for posters and canvases. Our collection has a variety of canvases with cool designs and creative posters that are designed to be hung on the walls of your home, office, restaurant or café.
Posters, canvases and art prints from around the world. The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the little extra in life.


Here you will find the latest additions to our assortment. Take a look and see if you find something you like.

Canvases & Paintings

Here you will find our selection of canvases and paintings. Here you can find something for all tastes and different types of people. We offer everything from family motifs to love and baby motifs to name a few. Take a look among our canvases and paintings and see if you find something that suits you.

Family Paintings & Posters

Our family paintings and posters are aimed at families who want something nice to decorate the walls with at home. What makes these extra interesting is the fact that you can partly design many of them on your own. Several of our family paintings and posters allow you to add your own text to them. It allows you to easily create a poster or painting with a personal meaning for the whole family. Take a look at this category of paintings and posters and see if you can find something you like.

Love Paintings & Posters

Posterico is about love in its many forms – tender, romantic, lustful and more – people and their emotions captured in a single frame. From handwriting to elegant urban landscapes, this collection contains art that is sophisticated, striking and soulful. Prints are available as framed posters or as canvases. Each work of art is a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Baby & Child Paintings

Our baby & child paintings are for everyone who has little ones at home. They can also be great as gifts for a friend with young children. Since you can add your own text to many of these paintings, it is easy to give them a personal meaning for you or the person you are buying a painting for. Take a look among our baby and child paintings and see if you find something that suits your taste.

Birth painting

Our birth paintings are for you who have recently had a child or who have a friend or family member who has. Since you can add your own texts to many of these paintings, it is possible to give them a personal meaning. For example, you can write the date when the baby was born and his or her name. Such a painting would, among other things, fit perfectly in the baby room at home. Take a look at our assortment and see if you find something interesting.

Line Art

Line art is a category of paintings and posters that stand out in different ways. On the one hand, they consist of distinct straight or curved lines. They also have a background without gradations in shadow or hue for two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line art paintings and posters are available in many kinds of different motifs. See if there is any line art painting or poster that you like in our assortment.

Text & Quote

Posters and paintings with various texts or quotes by various well-known people are very popular. It can be anything from iconic freedom fighters like Martin Luther King, Jr. or sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Take a look at this category of posters and paintings and see if you find anything interesting.


A beautiful painting is great for making it more enjoyable at home. We offer a large selection of paintings that consist of all possible motifs. Take a look among them and we hope that you will find one that you like and that you feel would fit well in your home, office or whatever place you want to hang it.

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